February 22, 2018

Meet the Author


Vegas Snap is Plansky’s first novel.  But the author has always been a writer. In Silicon Valley, he played on both sides of the ball, grilling high tech companies as a news sleuth, then later in his career, telling these  firms’ stories as PR agent.

Reporter and spin doctor, each with their own axes to grind … The news person who angles, weaves, and wheedles his or her way to the perceived truth, and the PR person who dances, orchestrates, and paints pictures, always selling in the telling. Pity the poor PR guy, Plansky would say: Either craving to place news in the media or sweating like hell to keep it out.

Maybe, he ponders, knowing the truth is merely one’s perception, an illusion, a point of view. Ah, a crucial element in fiction. From whose point-of-view are you seeing the story?  In Vegas Snap, it’s third-person omniscient, a bold undertaking for a first novel, he was advised. Yet, what could be better than perching an angel on each character’s shoulder so you know what they are thinking and feeling?

While writing Vegas Snap, the author hit a few walls. To break through, he created a Muse he called Destiny. Rendered  in broad strokes, he knew this muse was merely a ruse, a hyped-up, self-talking cheerleader. And yet these heartening images kept him going all the way to the end:

“With you, Destiny, as my guide and constant spirit, we can breach castle moats, cross endless deserts, navigate the widest oceans, slip through the narrowest keyholes, and fully reside within the souls of those we wish to reveal to the world. As Shape Shifter, Contortionist, Androgynous Magician, Rule Breaker, Trespasser, Confidant, Rescuer, and Comforter, you have arrived just at the right time. While my journey had begun, I was truly lost. Now the quest resumes, and as T.S. Eliot said, “Footfalls echo in the memory/ Down the passage which we did not take/ Towards the door we never opened/ Into the rose garden. … .”

Plansky is writing a sequel mystery novel, The Neo Capone Plot. The two former Vegas cops from Book One surface in Book Two as San Francisco PIs who tackle a string of murders patterned after those of Al Capone’s mob. These bizarre crimes, which attract national media coverage, are not what they seem to be and test the mettle of the PI duo in ways they never could have imagined.

During careers as journalist, then PR pro, Plansky was editor and publisher of a chip industry newsletter, owner of two Silicon Valley PR agencies, and a reporter for Electronic News.  An industry pundit, he was quoted in Investors Business Daily and his views were aired on BBC. Earlier, he was a writer for Bank of America and an editor for The Wall Street Journal.

The author lives in Santa Cruz, California, with his wife Mary Ann, an artist who specializes in printmaking, fabric, and collage. His son Michael received his Master’s Degree from Cal Poly Pomona in Landscape Architecture and has relocated to the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe.

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